Aktionswoche - Gemeinsam für Hochbegabte Kinder in Deutschland

The 1st Gifted Awareness Week Germany 2013

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The first Gifted Awareness Week in Germany takes place from 3-9 June 2013. In celebration of the Gifted Awareness Week, we will be working to raise awareness through a range of initiatives like, interviews, blogs and articles about Gifted Education.

We are also working with other national and international organisations to raise awareness of the needs of our gifted and talented children, their parents and educators, who are working with them.

How to participate: 

  • Read the articles, interviews and blogs.
  • Share them with your friends on the social media like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,..
  • Write a blog, ahead of time, about Gifted Children and their problems or needs. Send it via Email to us. We will publish it on our website.
  • Join our event on June 9th at Juki in Munich. 

Whatever you do to support this event is very important to raise this awareness for our gifted and talented children.

Each day we will post the links to the articles, blogs, and interviews shown below.

Date Articles, Blogs, Interviews Links
June 3rd 2013

Interview with Prof. Peter Csermely, President of ECHA (Hungary)

Interview with Prof. Drs. Albert Ziegler (Germany)

Gifted Awareness Week in Germany 3rd-9th June h 2013, by Peter Lydon

Article: ECHA

Article: Anke Elisabeth Ballmann, M. A. (Germany)

European Council for High Ability (ECHA)

Landesweite Beratungs- und Forschungsstelle für Hochbegabung (LBFH)


June 4th 2013

Interview with Prof. Steven Pfeiffer (USA)

Blog: from Norway:

The first Gifted Awareness Week in Germany! by Kari Kolberg

Article: Prof. Dr. Christoph Perleth (Germany)

Article: Arbeitskreis Begabungsforschung und Begabungsförderung e.V.

Prof. Steven Pfeiffer

Prof. Christoph Perleth

Arbeitskreis Begabungsforschung und Begabungsförderung e.V.

June 5th 2013

Interview with Prof. Dagmar Bergs-Winkels (Germany)

Blog: from Germany:
"Hochbegabung" by a gifted girl (16)

Article: Dr. Monita Leavitt (USA)

Article: DGHK (Germany)

Prof. Dagmar Bergs-Winkels 


Blog: http://bildungaus2sichten.blogspot.de/


Dr. Monita Leavitt


June 6th 2013

Interview with Prof. Javier Touron (Spain)

Blog: from Ireland

Article: Oberstudienrat Dipl.paed.Thomas Hofer (Germany)

Article: GENIUS-Hochbegabung 

The Global Virtual Meeting with Prof. Karen B. Rogers

Prof. Javier Touron (Blog) http://www.javiertouron.es/


Ratgeber zur Hochbegabung für das deutschsprachige Europa: http://www.genius-hochbegabung.de/



Prof. Karen B. Rogers http://begabungs.wordpress.com/2012/05/15/how-to-help-gifted-children-an-interview-with-prof-dr-karen-b-rogers/

June 7th 2013

Interview with Dr. Hava Vidergor (Israel)

Article from France by Hélène Ribeiro





Missverständnisse über Hochbegabung

June 8th 2013

Interview with Prof. Roland S Persson (Sweden)

Article Dr. Margaret Sutherland (Scotland)

Article: Dipl. Ing. Sylvia Kegel (Germany)




Deutscher Ingenieurinnen Bund e.V: http://www.dibev.de

June 9th 2013

Interview with Prof. Michael Shaughnessy (USA)

Blog: from Germany by Roya Klingner

Article: Prof. James Webb (USA)

Article: SENG

SENG- http://www.sengifted.org

Great Potential Press http://www.greatpotentialpress.com


Das Event fällt aufgrund Warnung vor schweren Unwettern leider aus! Ersatz-Termin ist der 21. Juli 2013.


Ein besonderer Dank an die folgenden Organisationen: / A special thank you to the following organisations:

  • European Council for Highability (ECHA)
  • Arbeitskreis Begabungsforschung und Begabungsförderung e.V.
  • Deutscher Ingenieurinnen Bund e.V.
  • Bildung und Begabung e.V.
  • Genius Hochbeganung e.V.
  • Stiftung Otto Eckhart
  • SENG - Support Emotional Needs of Gifted Kids
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für das hochbegabte Kind e.V.