The Global Virtual Meeting for Gifted Education



August 28th 2010 Solution Oriented Therapy for Gifted Children Roya Klingner(Germany)
October 2nd 2010  Problems of Gifted Education Discussion
November 19th 2010 Gifted Children and Future Problem Solving Dr. Monita Leavitt(USA)
January 29th 2011 UNDERACHIEVER Dr. Deborah Ruf(USA)
February 26th 2011 Supporting the Emotional Needs of Gifted Children Christine Fonseca(USA)
March 26th 2011 A Global Perspective on Gifted Education Tim Dracup(UK)
April 23rd 2011 The Autonomous Learner Model for Gifted, Talented & Creative Learners Prof. George Betts(USA)
May 28th 2011 MissionV Pilot: Using virtual world technology for the support of high potential students Margaret Keane(Irland)
June 25th 2011 Gifted Education in Denmark Tina Refning(Denmark)
July 30th 2011 Gifted Education, 3D Virtual Worlds Dr. David Deeds(USA)
August 27th 2011 Morton the Librarian Hears a Who'- a School Librarian as Guardian of a gifted mind  Leslie Graves(Irland)
September 24th 2011 Engaging Gifted Students in Critical and Divergent Thinking Dr. Mary Bruck(USA)
October 29th 2011 The unique challenges of culturally diverse gifted children & youth Dr. Joy Lawson Davis(USA)
November 19th 2011 Understanding giftedness according to Dabrowski: no G&T without personality development

Truus van der Kaaj & Frank de Mink


December 17th 2011 SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS OF GIFTED  Prof. Dr. Michael Shaughnessy(USA)


January 28th 2012 Independant Learnig and Challenge Matt Dickenson(Uk)
February 25th 2012 Underachievement: A Matter of Definitions Josh Shain (USA)
March 24th 2012 Long Term Impact of Enrichment Prof. Dr. Ernst Hany (Germany)
April 21th 2012 The Power of Praise: Motivating Students for Success Cindy Sheets(USA)
May 26th 2012 Building talents on the foundations of giftedness Prof. Dr. Françoys Gagné(Canada)
June 23th 2012 Bibliotherapy and the Gifted: What Harry Potter Can Tell Us Dr. Mary Bruck(USA)
July 28th 2012 Visual Spatial Giftedness Prof. Dr. Catya von Karolyi (USA)
August 25th 2012 Understanding Gifted Children through Integrated Solution Oriented Counseling Roya Klingner(Germany)
September 22th 2012 Helping Gifted Kids Cope With Anxiety and Depression: Tools For Parents and Teachers Dr. Grace Malonai(USA)
October 27th 2012 Creating Schools that Kindle the Inner Fires of Learning Ginger Lewman(USA)
November 24th 2012 John’s Hopkins CTY online courses: Connecting gifted students with scientists Prof. Dr. Leticia Hahn(USA)
December 15th 2012 New perspectives on differentiation of instruction: the project approach Karen Bendelman(USA)



Invited  Speaker


January 26th 2013

 Carolyn Gillespie K (USA)

Testing and Assessment of Gifted Children: What Does It All Mean?

February 23rd 2013

 Richard Cash (USA)

Self-Regulation: Essential tools for 21st Century Gifted Learners 

March 30th 2013

 Nick Chater (UK)

"Inertia in Educational institutions that prevent proper development of technology integration"

April 27th 2013

 Monita Leavitt (USA)

What should accomplished teachers know and be able to do to advance excellence in student learning and achievement?

May 25th 2013

 Carolyn Gillespie K (USA)

Twice Exceptional: Is it possible to be Gifted and Learning Disabled?

June 22th 2013

 Barbara Kerr (USA)

"Smart Girls in the 21st Century"

July  27th 2013

Ellen D. Fiedler (USA)

"Helping Gifted Kids Get Organized."

August 31th 2013

 Josh Shaine (USA)

Acceleration: Changing Speed and/or Direction in Learning

September 21th 2013

 Grace Malonai (USA)

"Helping Gifted Kids Cope With Anxiety and Depression: Tools For Parents and Teachers"

October 26th 2013

 Bonnie Cramond (USA)

"The Role of the School and Home in the Development of Children’s Creativity"

November 23rd 2013

 Lety Hahn (USA)

"Does Differentiation in the Regular Classroom meet all the Needs of the Gifted/High-Ability student?" 

December 14th 2013

 Roya Klingner (Austria)

"The Solution Oriented Coaching for Gifted Children"